My first television interview

As we ring in the new year and think of our new year's resolutions, what we would like to achieve, which directions we would like our lives to go, we can't help but think of the year that was, in order to build a foundation for the next steps in our lives. Even though 2016 was a particularly challenging year for some, I believe that some of those challenges just make us stronger and make us appreciate the little things. The previous year was filled with so many firsts, such as first time being on radio, first time being on NATIONAL radio, first time being on television and although I wish I had podcasts for the other two broadcasts I'm happy that I found a link to my television broadcast, especially because I wasn't in the country to see it. I hope this motivates you even when the chips are down. Here's to 2017 and all the new challenges it brings to make us better people and more importantly bigger dreamers.


In this interview I talk about the importance of knowing who you are, what you want and taking chances that could change your life. Enjoy xx

Khanya Modipa