The Love Revolution


Valentine’s Day, the day I love to hate. For me this day, along with New Year’s Eve, signifies too many expectations and little reward. For as long as I could remember Valentine’s Day was always filled with trying my very best to look good so that finally I could get someone to notice me, like me, maybe even give me a rose but each year came with the bitter feelings of rejection. Being in a relationship the last 5 years softened the blows tremendously but I don’t think I ever quite got over how much this day used to hurt growing up. I was the eternal wallflower, the girl who always stood by the walls while I watched other girls get to dance with their crushes. 


Well this year I wanted to start changing things, internally atleast. I don’t think a day meant to celebrate love has to be limited to relationships or even other people. The greatest gift that you could give yourself today is self love. We have 364 other days to criticize ourselves but today should be a day spent genuinely giving ourselves the care we deserve. I don’t mean buying material things (although a new pair shoes of wouldn’t hurt) but I mean we have to look ourselves in the mirror and give ourselves a round of applause. Honestly this life thing is not easy, you are constantly being tried and challenged everyday. You always feel just a little behind from everyone else but yet everyday you wake up, you get dressed and you show up to your life. It’s an extraordinary thing and we don’t applaud ourselves enough.


The pictures I’ve chosen to go along with this post reflect a time in my life where my sister and I decided that despite the drawbacks we had in our plans for 2017, we were still going to the beach and celebrate life and the love we have for it. I want the same for you too. Celebrate your present time. Time is your greatest currency and you get to have it today, to spend on yourself, cherishing yourself. Don’t spend today on anything that doesn’t reflect how amazing you are and worthy you are. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and may you keep showing up to your life with the highest expression of your self love 

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