So you want to Coachella? Here's all you need to know about the biggest festival in the desert!


So, you have seen the pictures, watched the videos and now you want to be a part of the hype, well guess what? Advance sale tickets for one of the biggest music festivals in the world go on sale today (June 1, 2pm ET) which means you only have T minus no time at all to know all the cool things there is to know about Coachella! Don't worry though, you've got the questions I have the lowdown on what will hands down be one of the best experiences of your life!

First of all, what is Coachella? Coachella is a 3-day music festival that takes place over 2 weekends in April. Big name artists such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Eminem, just to name a few, have been part of the heart pumping, music loving action, but that's not all! At Coachella you will also get an opportunity to discover unique up and coming artists as well as artists from all over the world including South Africa's very own Black Coffee.

Where does Coachella take place? Coachella takes place in Indio, California on the Empire Polo Club approximately 127 miles outside of LA (yay! can anyone say road trip). It's an exciting trip through the desert which you can either opt to do on a shuttle bus, a car or private plane cuz you fancy huh! For my international readers I'd recommend LAX as the primary destination that you'd want to land on.

So where does one stay for 3 days? If you are ambitious as I was on my first visit, then you can opt to camp on the grounds. It's super convenient and you get to mingle with the amazing festival goers from all over the world. If you are not about that California sun in your eye at 6am you can easily stay at one of the many hotels that are scattered around the venue. The option of shuttle busses (HIGHLY recommended) make it convenient for commute to and from the venue. Coachella provides all of the above as a travel packages so look out for that on their website


What is there to eat? What is there to do? Coachella has over 100 vendors with some of the most delectable cuisines under the sun. Jamaican food? Girl! Vegan food? Of course. Lemonade and alcohol? Duh. And while you walk around the grounds with your strawberry lollipop, you can take the opportunity to view some of the larger than life art displays on the grounds. If you're a bit of a techno geek such as myself, you can also visit the highly impressive HP marquee or the 3D image mind warp in the HP dome. Not forgetting the giant Ferris wheel on the grounds.

Sounds great, so how much will this cost? Coachella has been exaggerated on social media in the past but when you consider just how much there is in store for you $429 for the GA ticket is absolutely worth it! Where in your life will you get to stand 5 feet from Beyoncé at $429? Or if you really have the coin then the VIP event goes for a cool $999. The Advance sale tickets allow you a 7-part payment plan, so you can pay for your ticket over a period of time, so I’d take advantage. I'd also recommend getting a shuttle pass because paying over $150 for an Uber to go back to your apartment at 2am is no joke.

All in all, Coachella is a once in a lifetime experience, but I warn you if you've done it once then you're sure to want to do it again and again. So seriously what are you waiting for? Sunshine, music, art, food, Ferris wheels! See you at the ticket line 2pm!