The Trailblazer

Few things can turn heads quite like a fitted blazer. My already tiny closet is filled with tons of blazers with all colours of the rainbow. I do appreciate however that the blazer doesn’t come cheap and could easily exceed your monthly budget. Over the next few weeks I'll be showing you how you can go about finding key blazers that will not only accentuate your style but will (hopefully) not break the bank.

The white blazer

The white blazer is THEE statement piece. Nobody ever wears a white blazer asking not to be noticed. The beauty of the white blazer is that it’s a neutral so you can match your white blazer with pretty much any colour known to man. This particular beauty was purchased from ZARA and wait for it…on sale. I know, I was just as shocked as you. Blazers are hardly ever on sale and even when they are on sale it’s always a few cents that get taken off the item. I buy almost all my blazers from ZARA . I guess for me it’s one of the few stores that actually know what a sale means and still provide quality clothing. I am obsessed with the length of this medium sized blazer and the minimalist details of the pockets. It gives a really sophisticated business look and feel to it. I have a thing for blazers that don't have collars because trying to get your shirt to go over your collar can be really annoying at times. This blazer has tiny silver zips that subtly accent the blazer. Since a white blazer does tend to get dirty quite quickly, make sure to it wear on days when you're really trying to make an impact. This will save you money on dry cleaning expenses. The white blazer is a key piece and not something you want to buy on a whim, so look for a cut and style that you really love and if you're as fussy as I am about fabric and texture then you really want to take your time with this purchase. I decided to pair it with a creamy skirt from Zara and tangerine blouse from Woolworths which work seemlessly as we usher in the new season.