The Little Black Blazer

Naturally I saved the best blazer for last because nothing and I mean nothing can beat black. Obviously that means every working professional should own at least one black blazer, why you may ask? Other than the utter chicness of black and its understated confidence, black is the neutrals of all neutrals. Mankind is yet to find an outfit that doesn’t go with black. Black, slips into so many roles with timeless elegance and charm and its undeniable boldness will no doubt remind those around you of your presence. Black is also simply the easiest colour to find for work wear and is highly unlikely to get you on the naughty list in HR.

This particular blazer is a cape, which makes it ultra-sophisticated with its unconventional cut. Additionally capes can accommodate you in winter where you can wear it with a long shirt underneath or in summer with a strappy top when it’s sweltering hot and you want to remain professional yet cool. You can find capes at almost every retailer. This particular one was actually a gift from my sister from ZARA. It comes in both black and white. I paired it with a black detailed skirt from ZARA and a simple black tank from H&M.  

Ok so now that I have given you tips  on which blazers to purchase as you build your corporate wardrobe, naturally you would have forgotten some of the things I may have mentioned, but luckily I came up with an awesome FREE guide that you can use! It's a 5 step step guide to finding the perfect blazer using the 5 C's! Simply fill out the box below and get an AWESOME guide to the best way to finding the PERFECT blazer!

Hope you enjoyed the Trailblazer series!

Love Khanya