The Navy Girl

There are few things that are as irresistible as a navy and white combination and so naturally the navy and white striped blazer makes the cut as the second  Trailblazer to own in your wardrobe. Let me first clarify that although I don’t believe in many rules around fashion I do have to stay that if you are going to get a striped blazer and you have a tight budget always go with neutral colours in order to get the most out of your blazer. This navy and white blazer from Mango has served me well. I'm obsessed with gold buttons and this adds to the sophistication of the blazer. You can pair it with a blue, white, black or even red. Also it doesn't kill that navy, white and black are probably the three most popular colours when it comes to work wear so it’s unlikely that you won’t find something in your closet to match your blazer with.

The boldness of the stripes also matters. If you are the subtle kind, then smaller stripes where the lighter colour breaks through the darker solid colour makes more sense and would stretch the number of outfits you can make out of this piece. Basically the more subtle the stripe the more outfits you can make from the blazer which translates to savings, yay! The bolder the stripe, the more of a statement this item is going to make thus I would caution using other statement pieces with it. This is precisely why I paired mine with a Navy blue dress from Forever New. This dress  is subtle and has the right amount of elegance and sophistication for the office. I love the royal blue and navy tones of the dress and the lace (which is truly the strongest lace pattern I have ever witnessed) is to die for. These two pairings accentuate each other exquisitely and will leave quite the impression in any setting.