Leather and Jeans - and all my soul


When my sister and I styled these looks for leather and jeans, we never quite imagined that such tough textiles and textures that exude such confidence and toughness can also be so romantic and sensual. I loved shooting these clothes so much because when you're in a slump for so long, clothing can help you put on a new character even if it's just for a moment. It's a little cheesy that my jacket that says "inspire others" happened to inspired me, but it really did.


I don't have advice for leather and jeans, it's pretty self explanatory. You don't have to think much about it. My thought process behind these looks was to carry through both the ruggedness and edge with my short shorts and "punk rock" jacket to a more sophsticated look with my white jeans and structured Zara jacket. I can't believe how incredibly cheap that Zara jacket was by the way (well for real leather) proving once again, your patience is always rewarded when you wait for sales season. 


More importantly I did this shoot for me, there is such great strength in doing something regardless of what people may think. It's a gift you need to keep giving yourself over and over again. I don't mind if people don't get it you know, when you create you should create for you and if everyone else catches on to it, then that's great but it's not validated by likes or comments as long as it's pleasing to your soul and I have to say my soul is very very pleased. 

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