How to 4th of July in style


The 4th of July is not only a major holiday but it's also one of those holidays where thousands get dressed up to commemorate the Independence of the great America. With it, comes a lot of uhm... interesting fashion. Personally I decided to go with two understated looks, whilst still donning the famous, red, white and blue.

For the first look I decided to go with a grey Tommy Hilfiger bodysuit, I purchased for Coachella earlier this year. Fortunately for me Tommy's logo is pretty much Independence Day certified! I decided to pair it with my royal blue Gap jeans, along with my favorite sunnies from Urban Outfitters and white ballet flats. 


My sister and I decided to go a little extra with my makeup look by underlining my eyes with blue eyeshadow and a red eyeshadow on the lid. I decided to smear the eye area in a sort of cheeky attempt to mimic fireworks. I ordinarily am not the type to experiment with colour on my eyes but hey you only 4th of July once a year and I bought this amazing palette from Urban Decay that I really wanted to try out.


With my second look, I decided to go a little more sophisticated for the evening with a red blazer from Zara. I got this one on the cheap with a fantastic 70% off its original price. Proving my theory once again that with enough patience and a quality retailer, all good things will come together under a sale. Since the blazer was so bright I decided to stick with a neutral and go with an all-white look. I was a little nervous that it would come off a little too “Valentine’s Day” but somehow it turned out great. Bright colours are a thing on these streets so I wasn’t too phased.


Overall, I had an incredible first Independence Day! My sister and I walked up to the Marine Corp Memorial at the Arlington Cemetery and enjoyed fireworks lighting up the night sky. Perhaps with more courage and a little crazy I may go all out next year.

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