New Romantic

I have been bursting with excitement to shoot this dress! Not only because it's so glam but it's in my all time favourite looks! By now you've probably established that I'm a classic girl and I enjoy taking simple silhouettes such as this little white dress and mixing it with a little bit of sophistication and romance. 

New Romantics 5.jpg

I bought this dress at Access Park in Kenilworth, Cape Town. There's a tiny little store amongst the hundreds of factory shops, that sells dresses with a simple design and extravagant patterns! So extravagant that each person whose sees me in this dress asks if it's designer lol! I'm not a wealthy blogger, I pay for most of my clothes so you've got to look at pieces that are great quality, never really been seen before on other people and an item should make you want to wear it ALL THE TIME!

It's probably a year old but I'm still obsessed with this dress, the material is fantastic, the print never fades and it just oozes this self confidence that doesn't overshadow the person wearing it but rather emphasizes who they are. When I was picking the theme for this look, "New Romantics" by Taylor Swift was playing and I thought how appropriate, because it really does feel like a dream and when you see it, don't you just want to come along with me?