Empire of the Sun - How to Summer '17


Two things about summer '17 I absolutely love: 

1) Warmth

2) Colour

When you've been bundled in an American winter like I have, you appreciate every ray of sunshine that comes with the summer. The warmth and colour have been the inspiration behind the looks I created for this week's post. I love the richness and vibrance of mustard. It's that primary colour yellow that graduated. There's an air about it that adds that extra bit of taste to your wardrobe. If Gatsby married a Buchanan his Rolls would have been mustard.

Zara blouse and Woolies  White Jeans

Zara blouse and Woolies  White Jeans

In this first look I'm wearing a long sleeve blouse from Zara. What I love particularly about this blouse is the soft texture. It almost feels like silk. I love the modesty and whimsical nature of the bow, which makes it great for the office or any formal event. Sometimes I like to rebel a little  and try it with jeans. Since I'm OBSESSED with white jeans lately I decided to mix them up with my favourite blouse. You can find any of these bright coloured blouses at Zara, Topshop, Mango or River Island. The key is so to make sure that the fabric is soft on your skin, especially if it's going to have go right up your neck, but strong enough to outlast any washing machine.

This next outfit has to be in my top 3 favourite outfits of all time! My mom got me this gorgeous two piece crop top and shorts from Zara in Moscow. I paired it with another item that my mom got me from Tsakiris Mallas. Every girl has THAT outfit the one that could get them out of any bad mood and this is it for me. It shows off my favourite assets, my legs, in all their glory and adds that extra sparkle to who I am. If you're a small breasted girl like me you could definitely get away with not wearing a bra in this number. 


So as you either enjoy the warm rays in the North, or anticipate in them in the South, be sure to make Summer 17 the best summer to date!