The Ultimate Guide to African fashion print

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I can't tell you the number of times I've found myself drawn to African print especially since I moved to the US. Perhaps it's a case of not appreciating what you have until you lose it, but the scarcity of the print means I make it a point to visit Rich Factory when I go home. These are just two of my favourite prints from their collection.

The first outfit I've owned a little over a year now and I have to tell you what drew me to this outfit was the blazer. The pointy shoulders, dramatic gathering in the back and the explosion of colour has everyone asking "where did you get that outfit?". With any African print pants my advise would be to ensure that they are lined. These particular ones I have are not lined and they are a nightmare because the material is far too thin, which increases the likelihood of ripping. I've since asked to have all my bottoms lined so I don't have to fear my pants ripping as I take a seat. 

The next outfit is called the "infinity dress" because of the multiple ways you can wrap the top part of the dress into different styles. The print on this dress is out of this world! A dress this dramatic needs 3 things: a large pattern, bold lines and a maximum of two to three colours. You don't want a dress that's going to take away from you, the person wearing it, so try to keep the print as "minimalistic" as African print goes (lol). The material on this dress is thick enough that it doesn't require any extra lining, but it still remains light enough that it doesn't drag you down.

I enjoy the service I get from Rich Factory. They are all about the customer, willing to go the extra mile to make sure you look your best. I particularly enjoy that they mix the boldest African prints with the edgiest modern day fashion. Remember with African print it's all about embracing colour, finding a cut that suits your body and most importantly carrying it with pride. We can all be a representation of the beauty that is African fashion. 

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