Note to Self


Your responsibility is not to complain, yours is to pay attention. To pay attention to the lesson because life isn’t fair, and the world doesn’t owe you anything. If you understand that then you’ll know that complaining is a wasted energy. Your responsibility is to sit up and take note at all the events and ask yourself “what is this obstacle supposed to teach me?”

Never lose sight that in the pursuit of anything that you want in this world that everything that you’ll ever need is already inside of you. There’s no mistake. There is only worthiness. That’s not to say you can’t improve on your skills, or abilities to reach new heights, but fundamentally none of this should be in pursuit of validating yourself. Your validity, my dear, has never been a question.

Ask yourself this, will this thing I’m so concerned about matter a year from now? Or perhaps you should ask will the lesson I’m learning matter a year from now? The mistake we keep making is thinking that we are somehow going to take the material things with us in the afterlife. When really, it’s the lessons we learn and what we impart on others that really make the impact we want to see and oddly enough fill the hole that money has never been able to fulfil.

Beware of the temptation you keep feeding yourself. Look at your surroundings and what you keep exposing your subconscious mind to. The things you follow on social media, the channels you watch on tv, the friends you keep in your company, ask yourself “to the best of my ability am I giving away my power to be influenced by things that aren’t my deepest desire?”

Finally, actively seek your peace. If you need to start meditating for 2 minutes a day? Do it! Do you need to start running? Your heart will thank you. Need to go on holiday? Gather your coins and go. You are your main responsibility. You cannot begin to have any effect of anyone else when you cannot have a positive effect on yourself. So, do yourself a favour and start taking care of you, there is only one you and if you don’t take care of yourself, your whole self-including your mental health, who will?

There are plenty of opportunities for the world to kick you down and hurt you, don’t participate in your own hurt. Your job is to be kind to yourself, loyal to yourself and caring to yourself. Now that you know better, go on and do better! 


Khanya ModipaComment